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RBD Electrical & Instrumentation - Electrical Contracting Devonport

Electrical Contracting | Electrician, High Voltage Switchgear, High Voltage Cabling Devonport | Northern Tasmania

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  • Electrical Contracting Hobart, High Voltage Switchgear Ulverstone, High Voltage Cabling Latrobe, Fiber Optic Testing Devonport

    From electrical contracting to fault finding

  • Electrician Northern Tasmania, Electrical Contracting Hobart, Fibre Optic Testing Deloraine, Fibre Optic Terminations Devonport, High Voltage Cabling Ulverstone

    Backed by more than 40 years of industry experience

  • High Voltage Switchgear Burnie, Electrician Hobart, Data and Communications Northern Tasmania, Electrical Contracting Burnie

    locally owned and operated

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RBD Electrical & Instrumentation

RBD Electrical & Instrumentation are a Tasmanian owned and operated electrical contracting company employing in excess of 80 Tasmanians, we offer a wide variety of electrical services across Tasmania. We can help you out when it comes to all aspects of electrical work including, general electrical work, fault finding, fibre optic, high voltage, instrumentation, hazardous area, Data, CCTV, PLC's, VSD's and much more! To find out more visit our website or get in touch with our friendly team today by calling Devonport (03) 6427 2678 or Hobart (03) 6273 4032.

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Electrical Contracting - Devonport | Tasmania Wide Service

RBD Electrical & Instrumentation has been operating for 23 years and is backed by more than 100 years of commercial and industrial experience. Our expertise extends to all kinds of electrical jobs, from fibre optic and security systems, to high voltage installations and maintenance. We are 100% committed to quality and guarantee customer satisfaction and safety, without compromise. Our extensive knowledge and skills in the field helps up to find the most efficient and cost effective solutions to your electrical problems.

At RBD Electrical & Instrumentation, we tailor our services to suit your unique and individual needs. Our highly-skilled tradesmen have worked with a wide variety of organisations including businesses in the mining industry, paper manufacturing, and other industrial organisations. For the team at RBD Electrical & Instrumentation, there is no job too big or small.

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Electrician - From Burnie to Ulverstone

RBD Electrical & Instrumentation offer the following services:

  • Electrical Contracting
  • PLC’s
  • Fault Finding
  • Commissioning
  • Security & Fire Systems
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Fibre Optic Testing & Terminations
  • AC & DC Drive Control
  • General Power Upgrades
  • Instrumentation Installation & Calibration
  • High Voltage Switch gear, Transformer & Cabling
  • Hazardous Area Assessment & Installation
  • Commercial & Rural Installations
  • Service Work

At RBD Electrical & Instrumentation, we believe in sustainable operations that are efficient and effective, saving our customers money. We also believe in maintaining comprehensive policies to protect our team members as well as our valued clients. So, if you want honest, reliable and professional electrician service, choose RBD Electrical & Instrumentation. .

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High Voltage Switchgear - From Latrobe to Deloraine

RBD Electrical & Instrumentation operates with a wide service range of 250km from our bases in Quoiba and Derwent Park.

We are available Monday to Friday, from 7am to 5pm, and on weekends by appointment. Take advantage of the premium service offered by RBD Electrical & Instrumentation at competitive rates.

High Voltage Cabling Ulverstone, Fiber Optic Testing Hobart, Electrician Devonport, Fibre Optic Testing Burnie High Voltage Switchgear Hobart, Fibre Optic Testing Latrobe, High Voltage Switchgear Northern Tasmania, High Voltage Cabling Deloraine, Electrical Contracting Ulverstone, Electrician Burnie

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RBD Electrical & Instrumentation can help you with all your electrical needs, finding solutions for anything from simple wiring, to complex cabling and system installation. Get in touch with our amazing team today by calling Devonport (03) 6427 2678 or Hobart (03) 6273 4032. You can also visit our website to find out more about our wonderful range of services.

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